Our Services

Looking to Sell?

Send us as much information as you can including make, model, year, serial, condition, and photographs. Tell us where you acquired the item you’re looking to sell and how long you have had it. Let us know.­ We would love to hear and discuss a fair price! Trader Jon’s pays the seller outright for the items that fit what the store currently needs in its inventory. That way the seller doesn’t have to wait until an item sells to collect the money like they would have to with a consignment store.

Looking to Buy?

Unlike many other resale, consignment, and pawn shops in the area, Trader Jon’s always accept as many great items as possible that a seller brings in.

  • Jewelry, Gold, & Gems
  • Coins & Money
  • Collectibles & Antiques
  • Home Stereo & Car Stereo
  • Video Games & Video Game Systems
  • LCD/LED Flat Screen TV’s
  • Blu-Ray & DVD Players
  • Movies (Blu-Ray & DVD)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Power Tools & Hand Tools
  • Digital Cameras
  • iPods & MP3 Players